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My name is Lauren Majewski and I am the founder of Team Fit Force.

I am a 3 time Elite Star Diamond Team Beachbody Coach.  I am just your everyday momma trying to do her best to lead a life of passion, inspiration, motivation, and accountability OUT LOUD.  I have 2 babies and am married to the love of my life.  We are from the East Coast but Live in Austin Texas.  I am a former NFL cheerleader and a former fitness competitor.  I Founded Team Fit Force because I am truly passionate about health and fitness and seeing other people lead healthy and fulfilling lives. I believe in leading a healthy, strong, confident, and grace filled life.  I was at a place in my life where I NEEDED and wanted a Change both physically and financially.  Once I started to see those changes happening I was eager to help others do the same.  Each day we live is a gift and part of  our journey.    And little by little, we set goals and take small action steps to make it happen.


I do my best each day to lead by example and show my family and my children, my followers how to live up to their God Given Potential each day, little by little by dreaming bigger and putting in the work.


You can read more about me and my full story about HOW and WHY I started Team Fit Force and Coaching Here: My Story

What I love about our team is that we are such a diverse yet close knit family.  When I founded Team Fit Force I had a clear vision for what I wanted it to look like however, with hard work, commitment, teamwork, friendship, dedication and consistency over time as a leader, our TEAM has far surpassed what I have ever imagined or could have ever dreamed.  It is important that WE, as a family, all have the same vision for what team Fit Force is all about, where we are going, and that we help our new coaches and customers see it clearly as well.


First and foremost we are a FAMILY! We are here to love and support one another in Life and in this business.  Our Purpose as a team is to EMPOWER others and help them achieve physical health and financial growth or freedom.  To work with a purpose and to help them find their passion.  Heck…We may be working to help you find yours. We are here to have FUN and to celebrate our victories BIG and Small.  Our GOAL is to help ONE NEW PERSON …EVERYDAY in some way.


Thanks for stopping by and we hope that you decide to join our amazing team!





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