What is a Coach?

Do you want to learn more about what a Team Fit Force Coach is all about?
Who is a coach? Who isn’t a coach?
What I do? How I do it?
How I make money?
How it has changed my life and the lives of others?

Watch this webinar that I hosted covering ALL the above. Excuse the beginning and the audio issues and real life set backs. But we are all just everyday women doing what we can to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Real Life.

If you just read my story…and you do not want to listen to it again…You can fast forward to the 30 minute mark and watch from there. I start talking about the coaching opportunity at 31:23. If you want to read more about my story you can visit the About me tab in the menu bar.



As a coach you DO NOT have to be ripped or at your goal weight. You do NOT need to be a personal trainer or be certified in anything.  You do NOT need to be a sales person or have sales experience.  You can even work full time and become a coach.  If you LOVE what coaching is doing for you in your life you can transition to coaching full time. 

I just want to add REAL people that are living a healthy lifestyle on Team Fit Force. All you need is about 1 hour a day for business and about 30 minutes a day for your workout.

Want to chat more with me about coaching one-on-one?  email me at lauren@laurenmajewski.com

If you are leading a healthy lifestyle and you are getting results using a Beachbody program then you are already inspiring someone.  As a coach you can help that person and so many others, just like you, stay accountable to their goals.  You will help yourself stay accountable at the same time too.

What DOES a coach look like?

* Positive Person always looking for the silver lining

* Passionate about their health, they love a great workout and a healthy meal

*Not afraid to Dream Bigger They overcome obstacles, stay focused and remain persistent

*Enjoys Social Media and likes to share their lives with others via Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging, Instagram, etc

*Looking for additional Accountability in their own workouts and daily nutrition. Even coaches need a little extra motivation and support to stay on track or to get back to it after a long holiday weekend.

*Has an hour a day to commit to their growing their business and learning. We will provide all the training that you need.  We have a team training website with video training and information to help you get started and to keep you growing throughout your journey as a coach. We also have a private Facebook group for support.

* BE REAL  a real mother, friend, woman, wife, sibling, college student, professional, corporate world, stay at home mom, sports fanatic, Starbucks craving, reality TV watching, outdoor loving, dancer…whatever you are…Whoever you are…BE YOU! DO YOU! OWN IT! Be someone who is interested in more than just fitness and nutrition.

I am ready to help you get started living you love full of freedom and by your own design.